Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Elephant!

Sculpted another elephant. Left it white. Thought it might be easier to photograph?

I'm waiting until the weather gets warmer because I plan on spray painting it...Outdoors. But for now enjoy it in it's rare state.

Monday, January 10, 2011

First post of 2011!

The first illustration of the new year!

 And my new years resolution is...Start sculpting! This is my first little guy I made.

 This is his better half.

 And his backside...My favorite.

I've been into animal figurines as long as I can remember. Such a good source of inspiration and spent a lot of money buying them...So I have to use them as reference.

But it's about time I start making my own. Going to keep the sculpting pretty rough and none of that smooth sculpting. Although I'm a fan of people you can do that, and what an amazing art that is. It's just not for me. Mostly because I would not have the patience for it.

2011...Hope your a good one!