Saturday, August 27, 2011

Did You Draw Today? Did You Blog Today?

Being stuck in the house all day awaiting for Irene to show her face it got me thinking I should post something "new" to my blog of mine. Been pretty busy with multiple projects, but going TO post a drawing a week, and an occasional finished piece. I know I've said it before but I mean it this time! A sketch a week that's doable.

So as a reminder to myself I wrote on a post it "Did You Draw Today?" EVERYDAY! I'm going to write another one "Did you Blog This Week?"

As for the drawing this week. Four Furry Monsters and Their Precious Jewels. A story in the works? Perhaps. 


  1. Did Irene hit you badly? When our power went out I spent a lot of time drawing when there was still light outside.

  2. It did. This was hours before the lights went out. Lost power around 11:30pm. And stayed up all night scooping buckets off water out of my sump pump preventing my basement from flooding. Threw out my back that night carrying the buckets of water up and down a flight of stairs. Large tree limbs down, a shattered window...For a good 16+hrs. that's until my neighbors were kind of enough to figure out a way to help my entire street and hooked us up with a generator. about 5-6 houses that needed one hooked up to one generator. Then I went to sleep. haha. so it was a rough night. Some people basically right down the street from where I live lost power for several days. I only lost power for about a day and a half.