Friday, March 9, 2012

Kung Fu Kitty vs. Knight Dog IV

I sent out Twitter Blasts. Facebook Updates. Asked the internet world what I should paint on a blank skateboard deck. Some suggestions I got were paint animals, paint nothing and sign it, but the best response I got was a have a cat and dog sword fighting. Sketching it all out right now.

This is for an art auction to fundraise money for the Montana Skatepark Association held annually. Their goal is to build and maintain free, public skateparks throughout Montana. This year the show of the completed decks is hosted by The Brink Gallery It's up to the artists who care to participate to create something out of this blank skateboard deck. Total freedom which is fun! This has been going strong and heading into their 7th year! And I'm excited to s how you all the finished deck very soon!  

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